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WEA Trust partners with Kiio, local WI startup

Madison, Wisconsin – WEA Trust and the Madison-based startup, Kiio, are joining forces to address low back pain, a leading driver of both medical and employment costs. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), low back pain is one of the largest health-related economic drains, with a U.S. annual spend exceeding $100 billion.


WEA Trust and Kiio are partnering to offer members a specialized, data-driven low back pain program, designed specifically for acute and chronic back pain sufferers. The program consists of individually targeted exercises, proven to increase strength and decrease low back pain. The low back pain program is offered at no cost to members and available on a tablet or smartphone device. In addition to improving member health, employers will also see a benefit as back pain directly impacts productivity and absenteeism in the workplace.


“We’re excited to offer innovative approaches for members to improve their health while supporting another Wisconsin based company,” said Dr. Tim Bartholow, the Trust’s Vice President and Chief Medical Officer. “It’s our job at WEA Trust to find affordable, convenient and high quality care for our members, and this partnership does just that.”