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WEA Trust Now 3rd Largest State Health Plan Offering—Demonstrates Competitiveness

March 13, 2013
For Immediate Release
Contact: Greg Spevacek
Telephone: (608) 661-6697 Ext. 2396 

Madison¬—The WEA Trust has become the third largest health plan, in terms of enrollment among state and local employees covered by the Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program (State Health Plan), according to results recently released by the State of Wisconsin.

In just its third year as an option in the State Health Plan, the WEA Trust picked up about 2,900 new subscribers—an increase of 32%. Each October, State Health Plan subscribers are allowed to switch from available health plans for coverage starting the following January. ETF reports (http://etf.wi.gov/boards/agenda-items-2013/gib20130205/item4c.pdf) on the results from the “It’s Your Choice” enrollment period each February.

“The 2013 state plan results demonstrate what happens when Wisconsin families have a true apples-to-apples comparison of health plans,” said Mark Moody, WEA Trust President and CEO. “Our reputation for competitive pricing, quality products, and superior service make the difference. Our members know they can count on the Trust when they truly need us, and that has helped others come to the same conclusion.”

For the 2013 benefit year, the Trust was designated by the Wisconsin Group Insurance Board (GIB) as a Tier 1 option—the lowest-cost tier—in 56 counties, demonstrating the Trust’s price competitiveness in Wisconsin’s health insurance market. In order to be placed in Tier 1, the Trust must be competitive in pricing for the Uniform Benefits offered in the State Health Plan.

  • In 2010, the WEA Trust was designated as a Tier 1 offering in 24 counties in the State Health Plan, effective January 1, 2011.
  • In 2011, the WEA Trust was designated a Tier 1 offering in 49 counties for 2012, more than double its first-year reach in the State Health Plan. The Trust now covers more counties in the State Health Plan than any other insurer.
  • Based on enrollment, the WEA Trust is the third largest insurer in the State Health Plan, and the largest health plan outside of Dane County.

“Today, more than 30,000 local and state employees and their families are insured by the WEA Trust through the State Health Plan,” Moody said. “We look forward to providing our nationally-recognized customer service to these families, like we have done for public school employees for over 40 years.”

Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, the WEA Trust is a not-for-profit, independent company offering group health insurance and other insurance products.

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