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About the Election

What do Trustees do?

Trustees have ultimate responsibility for the policies and operation of the Trust and its subsidiary.

Who can vote?

All eligible subscribers who have a WEA Trust insurance policy may vote. An eligible subscriber is the name of the person holding the policy. An eligible subscriber may only vote once, regardless of how many policies the subscriber has with the Trust. Spouses and dependents are not eligible to vote unless they hold a separate WEA Trust insurance policy in their name.

Is the voting confidential?

All voting shall be conducted by secret ballot. No one shall be able to identify how a member voted. To protect your privacy, an independent third party that specializes in board elections is administering the election.

When does the election begin and end?

The 2023 election will be held through online voting from April 7 through May 8, 2023. Trustee elections will be held annually

How many candidates can a voter select?

Voters may cast votes for as many candidates as there are seats open. In 2023, there are four open seats.

What happens if a voter casts a duplicate ballot?

Only the first ballot submitted will be counted.

If there are four seats open, can a voter give all four votes to a single candidate?

No. A candidate can only be selected once on a ballot. A voter may select none, some, or as many available candidates as there are open seats to be filled.

How are winners decided?

The candidates receiving the most votes for the open seats shall be elected. Majority vote is not required and no run-off elections will be conducted.

What happens if there is a tie?

In the event of a tie, the Trustees then in office shall, in their sole discretion, determine the winner.

How many Trustees positions are on the board?

There are currently 11.