Trustee Election | Candidate Bios

Candidate Bios

Trustee Candidate Statement:

I am so proud of the Wisconsin Education Association Insurance Trust and the fight we have had to survive and thrive. This year we are celebrating fifty years of providing top-quality health care insurance coverage to public school employees, retirees, and Wisconsin’s state and municipal employees.

I have been a Trustee for a number of years. I was the first Trustee to earn the CAPPP (Certificate of Achievement in Public Plan Policy) as well as one of the first Trustees to earn the designation of Master Trustee, both from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. I was appointed Chair of the Board’s first Audit Committee half a dozen years ago and continue to serve in that capacity.

I hope to continue to serve as a Trustee and would appreciate your support. I pledge to continue my obligation to provide honest and honorable coverage for all of our participants.


Retired Teacher

Work Experience:

  • Berlin Area School District—Berlin, WI (Teacher 1967–2014)

  • Stratford Public Schools—Stratford, WI (Teacher 1966–1967)

High School:

Gale-Ettrick High School—Galesville, WI (1962)

Postsecondary Education:

  • UW–Platteville

  • UW–Oshkosh

  • UW–Madison

  • LaCrosse State University (Bachelor of Science Degree 1962–1966)

Degrees or Professional Certifications:

  • Certificate of Achievement in Public Planning Policy (CAPPP) from the IFEBP (International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans)

  • Trustees Master Program from IFEBP

  • Bachelor of Science Degree (1966)

Association Memberships/Offices Held:

  • Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) (Secretary-Treasurer)

  • National Education Association (NEA) (Board Member)

  • South Central United Educators (Board Member, Treasurer, President)

  • Berlin Education Association (Negotiator, Treasurer, President)

Business, Professional, Occupational, or Civic Memberships:

  • Berlin Public Library Board of Trustees (Secretary, Chair of Personnel Committee)

  • WEAC (Secretary-Treasurer)

  • NEA (Board Member)

Skills and Expertise:

  • Forty + years of board memberships

  • Leadership

  • Analytic decision-making

  • Supervising, hiring, and firing of directors of municipal library

Business or Corporate Experience:

  • WEAC (Secretary-Treasurer)

Non-profit or Public Board Experience:

  • Berlin Public Library—Berlin, WI (Board Member 1995–Present)

  • Wisconsin Education Association Insurance Trust—Madison, WI (Board Member 1986–Present)

  • NEA—Washington D.C. (Board Member 1986–1996)

  • WEAC—Madison, WI (Secretary-Treasurer 1996–2003; Board Member 1980–1986)

Trustee Candidate Statement:

I am honored to be a Trustee for WEA Trust since 2005. I currently serve on the Audit Committee and Executive Committee for NeuGen, WEA Trust, and Health Tradition. This is my 30th year as an educator with the Milwaukee Public Schools. I was an elected officer for the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association and a member on the Wisconsin Education Association Council Board of Directors for 13 years. I am also the recording secretary for the RedCat Academy Foundation, a charitable organization providing opportunities for students to enter jobs in the trades.

Being a classroom teacher, counselor, and union activist, I continue to be a strong, articulate, and supportive voice willing to find solutions. If re-elected, I will continue to work with the other Trustees so that the WEA Trust remains focused on member service and providing cutting edge plans and programs. We must maintain the Trust’s role in protecting the health and financial security of its participants.


Milwaukee Public Schools, Bay View High School, Special Education Teacher/Transition Coordinator

Work Experience:

Milwaukee Public Schools—Milwaukee, WI (1991–Present)

High School:

Algoma High School—Algoma, WI (1983)

Postsecondary Education:

  • Cardinal Stritch University (Master of Arts Degree 1992–1994)

  • UW–Milwaukee (History Courses 1989)

  • UW–Green Bay (Bachelor of Arts Degree 1983–1988)

Degrees or Professional Certifications:

  • 701 Broadfield Social Studies (Grades 7–12)

  • 725 History (Grades 7–12)

  • 740 Psychology (Grades 7–12)

  • 811 Learning Disabilities (Grades PK–12)

  • Professional Development Plan Reviewer (Grades PK–12)

  • Master of Arts Degree—Learning Disabilities (1994)

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree—Psychology, Secondary Education (1988)

Association Memberships/Offices Held:

  • RedCat Academy Foundation (Secretary 2010–Present)

  • Wisconsin Education Association Insurance Trust (WEA Trust) (Board of Trustees 2005–Present)

  • Bay View High School (BVHS) National Academy Foundation Board (Board Member 2010–2018)

  • Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association (MTEA) (Officer/Secretary 1998–2005; 2007–2012)

  • Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) (Board of Directors 1998–2005; 2007–2012)

Business, Professional, Occupational, or Civic Memberships:

  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

  • Learning Disabilities Association of Wisconsin & Council for Exceptional Children

  • MTEA

  • National Education Association

  • RedCat Academy Foundation

  • State Professional Standards Council

  • WEAC

Skills and Expertise:

  • Current member of the WEA Trust, NeuGen, and Health Tradition Audit Committee

  • Former member of WEAC Audit Committee

  • Former member of WEAC Budget and Finance Committee

  • Former member of MTEA Budget Committee

  • Open-minded and will listen to all viewpoints prior to making a decision

  • Ability to set priorities and follow through

  • Ability to establish goals and then craft strategies to reach those goals

  • Good communication and listening skills

  • Collaborative team player

  • Exhibits integrity, patience, and creativity

Non-profit or Public Board Experience:

  • RedCat Academy Foundation—Milwaukee, WI (Secretary 2010–Present)

  • BVHS Academy of Engineering (Board Member 2010–2018)

  • BVHS National Academy Foundation (Board Member 2010–2018)

  • MTEA—Milwaukee, WI (Secretary 1998–2005; 2007–2012)

Trustee Candidate Statement:

It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve the WEA Trust and its members for the past decade. As a career educator and third generation Wisconsin public school teacher, I am deeply committed to making certain that public educators and the public employees of Wisconsin have access to high quality health care that meets their unique needs.

Since I began teaching in 1998, I have not been afraid to do the hard work of advocating for my colleagues and public education. In 2011, I was a candidate for Wisconsin State Senate in the Wisconsin recall races and since 2015 I have served educators at the national level by serving as an elected member of the six-person National Education Executive Committee. This national perspective has given me a unique view of the great things the WEA Trust brings to its members and also an awareness of the potential pitfalls that we need to be wary of that other states have experienced.

Additionally, my years of experience on this and other boards of directors makes me well-versed in the intricacies of the fiduciary responsibilities of a member of this board.

As my father was a teacher when I was born, I was insured by the WEA Trust from my beginning. My dedication to the WEA Trust and the people it serves runs through my whole family history. I would be honored to continue serving you as a trustee for the WEA Trust.


Ellsworth Community School District, Teacher

Work Experience:

  • National Education Association (NEA)—Washington D.C. (Executive Committee 2015–Present)

  • Ellsworth Community School District—Ellsworth, WI (Teacher 1998–Present)

High School:

Beloit Memorial High School (1992)

Postsecondary Education:

  • UW—Milwaukee (Ph.D. in Progress 2019–Present)

  • UW–River Falls (Master of Science in Engineering Degree 2000–2006)

  • UW–Stevens Point (Bachelor of Arts Degree 1992–1997)

Degrees or Professional Certifications:

  • National Board Certified Teacher (2017)

  • Wisconsin Master Teacher License (Lifetime)

  • Master of Science in Engineering Degree—English Education (2006)

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree—English, Political Science, Theatre Arts (1997)

Association Memberships/Offices Held:

  • NEA (Executive Committee 2015–Present; Board of Directors 2005–2011)

  • Wisconsin Education Association Council (Board of Directors 2002–Present)

  • Various at Local and Regional Level

Business, Professional, Occupational, or Civic Memberships:

  • National Council of Teachers of English (Member)

  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (Board of Directors)

  • Center for Teacher Quality (Board of Directors)

  • Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (Board of Directors)

Skills and Expertise:

  • Deeply knowledgeable of education and educator unions

  • Skilled public speaker, communicator, and educator

  • Trained in government relations and lobbying

  • Knowledgeable of financial procedures and laws

Non-profit or Public Board Experience:

  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (Board of Directors 2019–Present)

  • Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (Board of Directors 2019–Present)

  • Center for Teacher Quality (Board of Directors 2016–Present)

  • EdTPA Policy (Board of Directors 2016–2018)

  • Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English (Secretary and Board of Directors 2015–2017)