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Trustee Election | Candidate Bios

Candidate Bios

Trustee Candidate Statement:

I am a candidate for election to the WEA Trust Board of Trustees.  I have served on the Board for the past 15 years.

As a retired public employee, I understand the frustrations many of our members feel.  The world of health care has many challenges and is always changing.  Science and technology, and new ways of thinking, bring us unlimited possibilities in prevention and care of health issues.  The Trust is leading the way in some of these changes.  As a member of the Board of Trustees, I would like to help lead this company as it looks at a different kind of future in health outcomes.

The WEA Trust has provided quality group insurance plans to public employees and their families in Wisconsin since 1970.  I know and appreciate the value of Trust products, and the service that our WEA Trust delivers.  It has been a challenge and a privilege to serve on the Board of Trustees.

I appreciate your support in re-electing me as we work to continue to maintain high standards and find the best health care at the best price.

Employer/Occupation:  Retired Teacher

Work Experience: 

  • Barron Area Schools—Barron, WI (Teacher, 1986–2010)

High School:  Menomonie High School (1975)

Postsecondary Education:

  • University of Wisconsin—River Falls (B.S., M.A., 1977–1983)

  • University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire (1975–1976)

Degrees or Professional Certifications: 

  • B.S.—Elementary Education and History

  • M.A.—History

  • National Board Certified Teacher—Generalist/Middle Childhood (2005, re-certified 2012)

Association Memberships/Offices Held: 

  • International Foundation for Employee Benefit Programs

  • National Education Association (NEA) (Retired Member)

  • Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) (Retired Member)

  • Northwest United Educators (NUE) (Retired Member)

Business, Professional, Occupational, or Civic Memberships:

  • Wisconsin Master Gardener Volunteers—Certified Master Gardener

  • Barron County Historical Society

  • Wisconsin Historical Society

Skills and Expertise:

  • Ability to listen to varying viewpoints and ask probing questions.

  • Willing to make decisions.

  • Always looking for ways to improve—not just satisfied with the status quo.

  • Knowledge and understanding of challenges faced by public employees.


Non-profit or Public Board Experience:

  • Barron County Master Gardener Volunteers (President, 2010–2016; Board of Directors member, Present)

Trustee Candidate Statement:

I have been a Trustee of the WEA Insurance Trust (the Trust) for a number of years and currently serve as the Chair of the Board of Trustees.  I believe I bring to the Board an historical perspective, a loyalty to Trust members, and a desire to continue to serve all of Wisconsin's public employees.

In the early years of my tenure as a Trustee, the enterprise saw significant growth in membership and benefit design.  I am now, and have for many years been, insured by the Trust and have personally experienced the excellent benefits and service the Trust provides its members.  In recent years, many economic and political changes have occurred and required the Trust Board to rethink the business of providing insurance benefits to its members.  Service, however, has always been the Trust's trademark and, as a Trustee, I have insisted that the Board continue to make it the Trust's hallmark.

I believe that the Trust is uniquely positioned to be the company of choice for schools and other public employers in Wisconsin.  While it competes in the crowded field of insurance options, the Trust continues to be faced with decisions that challenge the status quo and require a rethinking of its former business model.  By offering plans that are competitively priced, providing excellent service to members and employers, and proving that an insurance company can be a trusted partner in health of the members, I believe that the Trust will be the company of choice in its eligible market.

I wish to continue to serve as a Trustee and will appreciate the support of the members to do so.


Employer/Occupation:  Retired High School Guidance Counselor


Work Experience: 

  • Oak Creek- Franklin Schools—Oak Creek, WI (High School Counselor, 1968–1999)

  • University of Wisconsin–Madison Research and Guidance Lab for Superior High School Students—Madison, WI (Interviewer/Counselor, 1966–1968)

  • University of Wisconsin–Madison Housing—Madison, WI (Resident Assistant and Assistant Head Resident, 1966–1968)

  • Green Bay School District—Green Bay, WI (Physical Education Teacher, 1964–1966)


High School:  Loyal High School (1960)


Postsecondary Education:

  • Aurora University (1996)

  • Viterbo (1986)

  • Lawrence University (1982)

  • University of Wisconsin Extension (1974)

  • University of Wisconsin—Stout (1970, 1971)

  • University of Wisconsin—Madison (M.S., 1966–1968)

  • University of Wisconsin—La Crosse (B.S., 1960–1964)


Degrees or Professional Certifications: 

  • B.S. Degree—Physical Education

  •  M.S. Degree—Counselor Education

Association Memberships/Offices Held: 

  • Wisconsin Education Association Insurance Trust (WEA Trust) (Trustee, Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Committee Chair)

  • Peninsula Golf Associates, Inc. (President, Vice President, Secretary, Board Member)

  • Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) Council #10 UniServ (Board Member, Alternate WEAC Board Representative, Coordinated Bargaining Council)

  • Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) (Alternate to Board, Committee Chair, Management Bargaining Team for USU Contracts)

  • Oak Creek Education Association (President, Vice President, Negotiator)

  • The Clearing Folk School (Member)

  • The Ridges (Member)

  • Peninsula School of Art (Member)


Business, Professional, Occupational, or Civic Memberships:

  • National Education Association (Life Member)

  • Wisconsin Education Association Council Retired (Current)

  • The Clearing Folk School (Current)

  • The Ridges (Current)

  • Peninsula School of Art (Current)

  • Southeast Wisconsin Apartment Association (Past)

  • Milwaukee Suburban Guidance Association (Past)

  • American Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation (Past)


Skills and Expertise:

  • Negotiations—I have negotiated a number of labor contracts from both the labor and management side.  I have also negotiated tenant leases both residential and commercial.

  • Leadership—I was a local teacher union president for many years, a chair of various committees (union, condo association, nonprofit organization, Military Academy Selection Board), and a president of a nonprofit board.

  • Committed—I have a longstanding interest in employee benefits, especially health insurance.  I am committed to making a difference for those insured by the Trust.  I take my fiduciary responsibility seriously; I work hard to understand the issues; and I make every effort to act in ways that benefit the members.

  • Desire to serve—My entire working career, and the time since, reflect a strong desire to provide a public service.  I limit my involvement to a few opportunities so that I have the time to be fully engaged in the organizations' efforts.

  • I consider myself an organizer, collaborator, problem solver, a good listener, a person open to differing points of view, and a consensus builder.  Being a team player is very important to me.


Business or Corporate Experience:

  • Bristlecone House—Door County Vacation Rental (Built, managed, and maintained all aspects of this vacation rental business)

  • M&M Buildings, dba Waterford Properties [Purchased and rehabbed a 100-year-old building and property, managed the selection and oversight of tenants (both commercial and residential), and coordinated all aspects of the maintenance of the buildings]


Non-profit or Public Board Experience:

  • WEA Trust Board—Madison, WI (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, 1990–Present)

  • Peninsula Golf Associates, Inc.—Fish Creek, WI (President, Vice President, Secretary, 2005–Present)

Trustee Candidate Statement:

I believe my background in health systems and health policy uniquely positions me to assist with the leadership needed in the complex arena of insurance and similar business services.  I have a long-standing interest in serving those with diverse backgrounds and needs and also offer a significant background as a health care provider.  

My goal is to become involved in organizations that are engaged in identifying innovative approaches to health delivery and health management.  As a society, we need to move away from an illness model of health care to one that is person-focused and encourages behavior change.  I am committed to your organization’s desire to "focusing on getting members the right care at the right time for the right price."


Employer/Occupation: Retired Clinical Professor and Nurse Practitioner


Work Experience: 

  • University of Wisconsin—Madison, WI (Clinical Professor, 2000–2017)

  • Access Community Health Center—Madison, WI (Nurse Practitioner, 2009–2016)

  • Dean Health Systems—Madison, WI (Nurse Practitioner, 2003–2008)

  • University of Wisconsin Hospitals—Madison, WI (Clinical Nurse Specialist, 1994–2000)

  • State of Wisconsin, Division of Health—Madison, WI (Health Policy Analyst, 1979–1993)


High School:  Jerome I. Case High School—Racine, WI (1971)


Postsecondary Education:

  • University of Minnesota—Twin Cities (Doctorate in Nursing Practice, 2012–2014)

  • University of Wisconsin—Madison (M.S.—Nursing, 1998–2000)

  • Edgewood College (B.S.N. – Nursing, 1992–1993)

  • University of Wisconsin—Madison (B.B.A.—Management, 1976–1978)

  • University of Wisconsin—Madison (B.S.—Social Work, 1973–1975)

  • University of Arizona (1971–1973)


Degrees or Professional Certifications: 

  • Degrees Listed Above

  • Certified as an Adult Nurse Practitioner

  • Certified in Advanced Diabetes Management


Association Memberships/Offices Held: 

  • American Nurses Association

  • Wisconsin Nurses Association

  • American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

  • American Diabetes Association


Business, Professional, Occupational, or Civic Memberships:

  • See Above

  • Sigma Theta Tau (National Nurses Honors Society)


Skills and Expertise:

  • I spent 12 years as a health policy analyst with the State of Wisconsin, Division of Health.  

  • I have been a practicing nurse since 1994, engaged in numerous professional and community health initiatives.  

  • My professional interests are in community-based approaches to wellness and health promotion—disease prevention.  

  •  I was a full-time clinical professor from 2000–2017 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

  • Other areas of interest are inter-professional approaches to chronic disease management and innovations to improve health outcomes.

  • I have been the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Oakwood Lutheran Homes for the past two years and also served on the Wisconsin Diabetes Camp Planning Committee for over ten years.  

  • I enjoy working with other professionals to identify gaps in health care delivery and explore new ways to improve access to, and engagement in, health decision-making.


Non-profit or Public Board Experience:

  • Verona Lions Club—Verona, WI (Board Member, 2014–Present)

  • Oakwood Lutheran Homes—Madison WI (Board Member and Board Chair, 2008–Present)

  • American Diabetes Association—Milwaukee, WI (Camp Planning Committee, 2006–2011)

  • Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association—Fond du Lac, WI (Board Member & Women's Director, 1999–2001)

  • McFarland Youth Hockey—McFarland, WI (Board Member and President, 1991–1998)