A New Way To Manage Your Low Back and Joint Pain

Whether you have chronic joint pain or are looking to prevent an injury, WEA Trust offers an easy and convenient tool to manage your major joint and low back pain.

Our WEA Trust All Joints Program powered by Kiio, is a scientifically backed program designed for you. This free mobile app digitally coaches you through a sequence of exercise routines created by experts in physical therapy. It follows clinical practice guidelines for your specific type of knee, neck, hip and low back pain.

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Treatments like steroid injections, opioids, and surgery can be ineffective and expensive.



Knee Program
Neck Program
Hip Program
Low Back Pain Program

Our knee program is best for members with limited knee motion, who have a lack of confidence in their knee strength, middle and behind the knee pain or a desire to increase their stability and knee movement.

Our neck program is for members who have trouble turning their neck due to pain or stiffness, experience neck pain from a previous accident, neck pain that is paired with radiating arm pain or neck pain that creates headaches.

Our hip program is for members who have limited mobility in their hips, decreased hip strength, hip pain that radiates to their legs, hip pain that occurs when bending forward or backward or when standing or walking for too long.

Our low back program is for members who have mild to chronic low back pain, those wanting to increase back strength or are looking to prevent a future back injury. 

Individualized, Evidence-based, Convenient

Individualized—the screening and risk assessment survey creates a personalized program just for you. Each exercise is selected for you and your back pain. Progress through the program is determined by your individual participation.

Proven Results—the multi-track, multi-level exercise programs use clinically proven methods to reduce missed work days and improve low back pain. Our Care Management clinicians are able to track your progress and are available to assist if you have any questions.

Convenient—whether you’re at home or on the go, the WEA Trust Low Back Pain Program is accessible 24/7 on your tablet or smartphone device. Select between a complete full length routine or the express version depending on how much time you have that day.