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If You Can't Afford Your Care, It's Low Quality Care For You.

Many simply don't spend the money on health care because they can't, or they don't have it. In America today, we have too many people deciding between healthcare costs and putting food on the table. When families do not seek care, or take their medications because of cost, make no mistake, the cost of care is now a measure of its quality.

The State of Healthcare Today

Today, too many people are not able to afford their recommended care. For some it’s because they cannot afford the time away from the two jobs they are working to make ends meet. Our health care system is capable of being better than this, and I’m betting that you, like I do, expect that for the extraordinary amount we are paying, that we receive the best care. I hope you will join this discussion and help make critical change with me

Sheboygan Art Workshops Provide Hope to Children and Families

The 2015 Local Spark Award helped create the Sheboygan Visual Artists (SVA) community art initiative, Kaleidoscope.

Lake Tunnel Mural Inspires Community Involvement and Creativity

Two years ago, Assistant Planner Rose Spieler-Sandberg applied for the Local Spark Award to transform a white, cement pedestrian tunnel into a piece of art.

Can Telehealth Really Solve Wisconsin's Mental Health Care Crisis?

WEA Trust, a local not-for-profit insurance company, is launching the first independent video telehealth platform for mental health in Wisconsin on July 1

My Opinion On 2nd Opinions

Be proactive. Ask questions. Understand the diagnosis. And be ready to ask for second opinions.