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The Sandwich Generation

Meet Ellen. She’s in her 50s and married, with one son away at college. While her husband Joe is at work, Ellen cares for her live-in Mom who has dementia. When Joe gets home from work they trade places. Except for a couple weekly visits from an occupational therapist, Ellen and Joe are responsible for Mom’s care every day.

The Real Cost Of Prescription Drugs

Adverse drug events (ADEs) are injuries resulting from drug-related medical interventions. ADEs can occur inpatient, outpatient (i.e., hospital stays), or in long-term settings like nursing homes. Adverse drug events are costing the U.S. billions in prolonged hospital stays, avoidable ER and physician office visits, and more.


If I said your chronic pain — and even depression from that pain — might dissipate if you focused on helping someone else relieve their chronic pain, would you volunteer to help?

Eating Seasonal

6 tips for eating healthy in WI winters. Research shows that many adults gain a pound or two during the winter - and the extra weight tends to stick around all year.

Questions To Ask Before Surgery

Chances are at least one of your employees will have surgery this year. Sometimes this will be emergency surgery, and we won’t be able to make a plan. But when we have a chance to plan, elective surgery certainly shouldn’t be rushed in to. As patients we all need to be more thoughtful about how we approach the operating table. We need to think carefully about the benefits but also the real risks.

How To Build A Relationship With Your Doctor

As a patient, you’re entrusting your life and well-being to me. If you don’t know how to ask for a better relationship, just say “I need you to understand me better.”