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Medicare in 2020: MACRA

Medicare in 2020: MACRA

Posted: January 10, 2020

Effective January 1, 2020, a federal law called the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (or MACRA) will go into effect. As part of this legislation, Medigap plans can no longer pay the Part B deductible for “newly eligible” Medicare beneficiaries after January 1, 2020.  

How will MACRA affect my current WEA-MedPlus plan?

  • Simply put, the MACRA legislation does not affect your current WEA-MedPlus plan. You will not lose your plan and you do not need to switch plans. WEA-MedPlus will continue to cover your Part B deductible. 

How will MACRA affect WEA-MedPlus plans for newly eligible Medicare beneficiaries after January 1, 2020?

  • WEA-MedPlus is a Medicare wrap-around plan created by WEA Trust to fill in the gaps left by Medicare. Due to the way the plan was initially set up, the Part B deductible changes do not affect the WEA-MedPlus plan. In short, if someone signs up for WEA-MedPlus before or after January 1, 2020, WEA-MedPlus will still cover the Part B deductible.

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