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Quality & Customer Service at WEA Trust

Quality & Customer Service at WEA Trust

Posted: July 7, 2020

JULY 2020

Quality and Customer Service at WEA Trust

WEA Trust’s customer service consistently receives top ratings in Wisconsin in the annual Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) survey. The CAHPS® survey is a nationally recognized benchmark that both the Trust and the state of Wisconsin use to assess overall member satisfaction with health plans. In fact, our highest service scores are awarded to us by our retired members in our WEA-MedPlus plan!

When you call WEA Trust, a real person working in Wisconsin picks up the phone and answers your questions. WEA Trust also has the second-lowest grievance rating among major Wisconsin insurers, according to the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI). With 5x fewer grievances that the average Wisconsin insurer, you can rest easy being a WEA-MedPlus member!


“I have chosen to stay with the Trust because of the service I have received and the confidence I have in the integrity of the company. I often recommend the Trust to friends.”

-        Rose Clancy, WEA-MedPlus member


“My husband was seriously ill for five years. Thank God for WEA! They were helpful and clear when we had questions. They are thorough with billing and provide worry-free coverage.”

-        WEA-MedPlus member, surveyed in 2016


“Excellent coverage, great service, no stress!”

-        WEA-MedPlus member, surveyed in 2016

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