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The Gift of Health and Happiness

The Gift of Health and Happiness

Posted: December 8, 2020



It has been a tough year and one that all of us will remember! As the holidays are getting closer, it’s important to remember the positives where we can.


Be grateful and mindful – think about what you do have this holiday season! Remember that everything comes and goes. While this period may seem like it will never end, it will eventually pass.


Connect with people – pick up the phone, write a letter or try out a Zoom call. This year isn’t traditional, so the way we connect with people might take some getting used to as well!


Distractions – need a break from the chaos? Read a good book, create a new tradition, learn a new game, decorate your house for the holidays or get crafty!


Here at WEA Trust, we wish you all the best this holiday season and we look forward to better things to come in 2021!

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