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Time for Telehealth Award—Inclusa Inc.

Posted: July 26, 2019

WEA Trust Client wins $3,000 for Healthcare Engagement


At WEA Trust, we recognize the importance of our members taking control of their healthcare, being prepared and knowing their options. We recognize that with healthcare costs rising and access to doctors becoming increasingly more difficult, it’s our job in the healthcare industry to look for solutions that reduce this burden and make basic healthcare accessible to everyone. 


Acting on this belief, in 2015 we partnered with Amwell to offer members live doctor visits anywhere, anytime. With Amwell, members can see a medical practitioner or therapist for common medical conditions like the flu or strep throat as well as mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression. On most WEA Trust plans, visits are as low as $0. 


As our telehealth program grew, so did the positive praise from our members.


“The best way I’ve described Amwell to people is that it’s like FaceTime with a doctor. I was able to give the doctor some of my symptoms, and she was able to make a determination for me in five minutes. I never left my couch!” 

– Gayle Lassen, WEA Trust member, West Salem School District


Over the years we saw the positive benefits from telehealth—both in convenience and affordability—and decided to reward those who were taking advantage of Amwell. From there, the Time for Telehealth grant program was born.


The Time for Telehealth grant rewards organizations who show the highest percentage increase in telehealth enrollment within a three-month time period. The grant allows winners to use the funds towards health and wellness initiatives for their organization or community. The next program is launching September 1, 2019, and ends November 30, 2019. 


To kick off the program, we wanted to acknowledge and recognize one of our WEA Trust groups who has consistently been engaged and actively using telehealth—Inclusa, Inc.


Inclusa manages and supports over 15,500 Family Care members across its 51-county service region in Wisconsin. As a values-based organization, Inclusa is devoted to building vibrant and inclusive communities and uses a unique approach to managed care focused on the belief in everyone and the common good for all.[1]  It’s clear that Inclusa takes this same person-centered and high-care approach to heart by their high employee engagement in member health programs like Amwell and their upbeat, positive culture. This is why we awarded Inclusa, Inc. the first Time for Telehealth $3,000 grant.


From everyone here at WEA Trust, a big congratulations to Inclusa and its employees.


To learn more about the next Time for Telehealth grant award beginning September 1, 2019, visit
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