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League Health Plan


The League Health Plan provides employers with a combination of flexibility, cost and value that many Wisconsin municipalities have difficulty finding in the market. Endorsed by the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, the League Health Plan by WEA Trust is designed to solve the unique problems public employers face.  

Endorsed by the League

The League of Wisconsin Municipalities endorsed the League Health Plan because WEA Trust exclusively serves the public sector and pioneers thoughtful products and programs that benefit their members.

“They have a longstanding reputation for great customer service and are one of the few companies that still have real people answering the phones,” says Jerry Deschane, the League’s Executive Director. “This makes us confident that when you join the Trust, you’ll be taken care of. And that’s very important to us.”

How it works

The League Health Plan is a unique benefit option for Wisconsin municipalities that is jointly self-funded. A joint self-funded health plan is the happy medium between fully-insured group insurance and self-funding your employee’s health coverage. You get the flexible plan design options of self-funding, with the stable and dependable contribution rates of a fully-insured plan. 

As an employer, you make a contribution based on anticipated claims cost, an administrative fee and premiums for stop-loss insurance, which protects you from higher-than-anticipated claims costs. You won’t pay more than your quoted monthly rate. Other League members in the plan will do the same, teaming up to balance the plan out.

This setup creates a plan that, from a cost perspective, operates much like a fully-insured plan would. However, since the plan is jointly self-funded, participants are exempt from the following Affordable Care Act requirements:

  • Inflexible Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plan designs
  • Community rating, which requires rating based on limited factors 
  • Risk-adjustment program

Jenifer, WEA Trust Member

“Their customer service is excellent. I don’t have to sit on the phone and wait and push buttons. I get a person to talk to right away.


Jenifer, WEA Trust Member

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