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League FAQ

Q:I am interested in the League Health Plan. How do I leave the State Health Plan?

The Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) has specific requirements for employers that wish to leave the State Health Plan. Employers should work with their broker and/or ETF to understand the full process of leaving the State Health Plan. Here is basic background information regarding this issue:

  1. Employers must submit a resolution to withdraw before October 15, 2016.
  2. After a resolution to withdraw has been submitted, an Employer has until December 1st to rescind the resolution to withdraw.
  3. Once withdrawn, the employer cannot return to Public Employers’ Health Insurance Program until three years after the withdrawal date. Please contact ETF for more information on the process of returning to the State Health Plan.

The employer has specific responsibilities during the process of withdrawing and terminating their coverage with ETF. Please contact ETF for detailed information on your responsibilities during this process.

Q:How much does the League Health Plan cost?

One of the advantages of the League Health Plan is that it is NOT community rated. That means that the estimated costs we provide for the League Health Plan are partially based on your group’s experience.

To request a quote, you need to fill out the WEA Trust Proposal Checklist and Medical Questionnaire. Submit these documents to your WEA Trust Account Executive or health insurance broker. 

Q:What options are available for the League Health Plan?

Another advantage to the League Health Plan is that you are not locked into metal tier plan designs. As an employer, you have the opportunity to choose the benefit design and cost sharing options that work best for your group.

Ask your broker or a WEA Trust Sales Account Executive to guide you through our cost sharing options charts.

Q:What services does the League Health Plan cover?

The League Health Plan offers comprehensive medical and drug coverage with a broad provider network. This includes ACA-mandated services like screenings for cholesterol, colon cancer, diabetes, and tobacco use. Preventive office visits are free, and urgent and emergent care is covered.

In addition to excellent coverage, League Health Plan members have access to:

  • Award-winning care management
  • On-demand telehealth
  • Member “healthy choices” incentives
  • Turnkey wellness program
  • Industry-leading diabetes management program

Q:What provider network is available to League Health Plan members?

The WEA Trust has a broad, statewide provider network that includes doctors in every Wisconsin county. League Health Plan members have access to this network, which includes systems like:

  • Affinity Health System
  • Aspirus Network
  • Aurora Health Care
  • Bellin Health
  • Froedtert Health
  • Gundersen Hospital & Clinics
  • Mayo Clinic Health System
  • Marshfield Clinic
  • Thedacare
  • UW Health
  • And much more!

Q:Why does being a VEBA matter for the League Health Plan?

VEBA (Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association) is a tax designation from the IRS that was first established in 1928. VEBA organizations are exempt from federal income tax and state taxes. For the Trust, our VEBA status means that we have exemption from insurer assessment fees, which are typically 2-4% of aggregate premiums. This means the League Health Plan is also exempt from these fees.

In Wisconsin, there are 177 federally recognized VEBAs, but the Trust is the only licensed insurance company in the country recognized as a VEBA.

Q:Is your VEBA status something that could go away?

No. WEA Trust has been a VEBA since its inception in 1970. Our VEBA status is part of our charter. Any change would need to be initiated at a federal level.

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