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TrustSecure™ Frequently Asked Questions

Trust Secure FAQ

Q:We have answers for using your TrustSecure™ plan.

TrustSecure™ is a medical expense reimbursement plan designed for employers to make tax-exempt contributions on behalf of eligible employees into an account. The account allows an eligible employee to be reimbursed for post-employment qualified medical expenses on a tax-exempt basis.

Q:Who administers TrustSecure

The WEA Trust has partnered with Educators Benefit Consultants (EBC), Minnesota, to administer the plan. EBC assists with enrollment, account set-up, reimbursement of qualified medical expenses, and member or employer questions.

Q:How is the money invested?

TrustSecure™ contributions are invested in a specially selected investment portfolio. Both contributions and investment returns are reflected in your account balance.

Q:How do I log in?

Click here to access your account.

Q:Can I review my account online?

Yes. Access your account. Enter your e-mail address and password to access your benefits statement. 

Note: EBC will provide you with your initial password. If you change your password, it must be a minimum of 8 characters and include at lease 1 non-alphabetic character.

Q:How often will I receive account statements?

Account statements are mailed to your home address semiannually. Your account balance is available online and by telephone.

Q:What happens to my account if I leave my job at the school district?

Funds in your account will continue to accrue. You may request reimbursement for any qualified medical expenses.

Q:What happens to my account if I die?

Your spouse or other IRS-qualified dependent may use any remaining accrued funds to pay for their qualified medical expenses on a tax-exempt basis. If you have no surviving dependents, any fund balance is forfeited to the plan.

Q:When can I request reimbursements from my account?

Request reimbursements from your account when you have a qualified medical expense(s) and insurance plan premiums under the following circumstances:

  • Leave employment
  • Retire
  • Become disabled

Q:How do I request reimbursements from my account?

Complete and submit a TrustSecure™ Reimbursement Claim Form (PDF) along with the proper receipts (keep a copy of those receipts for your records). Your claim will be processed and a check will be mailed to you or directly deposited into your account.

Reimbursements will be made in amounts of $100 or more on a monthly basis.

Q:Can I use my account funds to pay for medical premiums?

You can receive reimbursement for post-employment medical insurance premiums from the accrued funds in your account. You can also set up monthly auto-reimbursement for these premiums.

Q:Is direct deposit available?

Yes. Request reimbursement be deposited directly into your checking or savings account by completing and submitting the TrustSecure™ Direct Deposit Form (PDF) to EBC.

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