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TrustSecure™ Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan Advantages


What is it?

TrustSecure™ is post-employment medical expense reimbursement plan employers can consider adding to their benefits package. With TrustSecure™, employers can make tax-free contributions for eligible employees, which are then invested and accessible post-employment. Educators Benefit Consultants (EBC), Minnesota, administers the plan. EBC assists with employee enrollment, account set-up, reimbursements of qualified medical expenses, and member or employer questions.

Are you considering TrustSecure™?

The WEA Trust is proud to offer this product to employers who want to help their employees with post-employment medical costs. Not only will TrustSecure™ enhance your benefits package but it also helps provide peace of mind for your employees once they retire.

  • Funds accrue for employees as defined in their employment agreement.
  • Qualified contributions, earnings, and qualified reimbursements are 100% tax-exempt.
  • Account balances carry over from year-to-year.
  • Accrued funds may be used for reimbursement of post-employment qualified medical expenses incurred by the employee, their spouse and any IRS-qualified dependents.
  • Eligibility for reimbursement starts when you separate from service such as retirement, resignation, disability.
  • Upon employee’s death, accrued funds in the account can be used by the spouse and IRS-qualified dependents for reimbursement of qualified medical expenses.
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If you need assistance, please contact Educators Benefit Consultants (EBC), the TrustSecure™ plan administrator at 888.507.6053.

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