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Program Features

How It Works 

Vitality is a fully integrated wellness program designed to engage your employees on their Personal Pathway™ to better health. 

Vitality’s Activate program is a combination of time-tested wellness tactics and cutting-edge engagement strategies. Your employees will get to know their current health status, and then follow a custom wellness plan to improve their health and lifestyle behaviors. Along the way, they’ll track points and unlock rewards via the online portal or mobile app.  As an employer, you’ll get the tools and resources you need to promote Vitality programs and track success. 

If you want to take wellness to the next level, Vitality offers their Elevate product. Elevate includes all the components of Activate, plus additional engagement features

For both Activate and Elevate, Vitality members will:

  • Know their health

  • Improve their health

  • Enjoy the rewards

WEA Trust members using Vitality get more than a typical health assessment. They come to know more about their health and goals.

Age Based

This medically and actuarially derived tool calculates an individual’s health risk-related age based on lifestyle behaviors and clinical measures. The difference between Vitality Age and chronological age is often a powerful motivator to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Power of Vitality

Through the highly intuitive online portal,, Vitality seamlessly guides members along a custom Personal Pathway.

Health Review

The Vitality Health Review (VHR) is an interactive health risk assessment built around 14 modifiable health risk factors. Your employees can access the VHR online or through the mobile app.

On-site Check

Vitality offers integrated on-site biometric screenings through local vendor partnerships.

Mental Well-Being Review

Vitality’s Mental Well-being Review is designed to help members understand how their own emotional health impacts their stress levels, job performance and their home life. It’s performed online and generates specific resources related to the member’s responses.

Kids Health Review (Elevate Only)

The Vitality Kids Health Review is designed to help parents determine their child’s current health status and help them to make healthy choices for their kids. Parents first complete an age-appropriate assessment on behalf of each child (newborns to age 17). Then they receive guidelines, lifestyle tips and healthy activity suggestions based on the results.

WEA Trust members using Vitality get more than health information and education. They get incentives, world-class engagement tools, and Vitality Points to inspire real improvement.

Integrated Wellness Network

Vitality members enjoy access to a wide variety of engagement tools and a nationwide network of gyms, fitness devices and more—all seamlessly connected and integrated to make it fun and easy to improve their health.

Vitality HealthyFoodTM (Elevate Only)

Vitality partnered with a nationwide network of grocery chains, including Walmart, Copps, and Piggly Wiggly, to help encourage healthy eating. The Vitality HealthyFoodTM program offers discounts on healthy foods and rewards that make nutritious eating easier and more affordable.

Vitality Today

Vitality members can stay better connected to their healthiest life with the instant mobile access of Vitality Today. Designed for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets, our mobile app keeps members engaged wherever they are: on the road, at the gym or participating in an activity.


Vitality’s integrated wellness network, wide selection of verified wellness activities and tracking capabilities, make challenges an ideal way to drive engagement unique to your needs.

WEA Trust members using Vitality get more than the satisfaction of attaining better health. They achieve higher Vitality Status, unlocking a series of rewards.

Vitality Contribution Manager

The Vitality Contribution Manager is a ready-made tool that works with the your payroll system to adjust your employee health plan contributions based on Vitality Status, activity completion and other custom criteria.

Vitality Status

As your employees complete various activities, they earn Vitality Points. The more Points they earn, the higher their Vitality Status climbs, from Bronze to Platinum. Each Vitality Status level offers a new set of more compelling incentives.

Vitality Mall

Vitality Points translate into Vitality Bucks. Vitality members can spend their Vitality Bucks on a variety of things, including Gift Cards. Vitality Bucks never expire for participating employees.

Vitality Squares

Once each month, members who have taken the Vitality Health Review have the opportunity to play a health-themed game of chance where they can earn Points and Bucks for learning about health.

ACA Compliance

Vitality makes it easy for you to be compliant with all fairness and privacy requirements for wellness programs as defined by The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other federal regulations. Vitality’s comprehensive program design is ethical, accessible and verifiable, and meets the most stringent legal requirements.

WEA Trust and Vitality gives employers the information and tools they need to educate, assist and motivate employees.


Reporting packages, designed by Vitality's team of actuaries with in-depth analysis on health risks, are delivered monthly, quarterly, and annually to groups with 25 or more employees. They include engagement overviews, population health and lifestyle risk summaries and cost/outcomes studies.

Dedicated Account Management

Your dedicated Vitality Account Manager will ensure a smooth transition and launch. His or her duties include: facilitating member education meetings, webinars, communication materials, on-site health events and challenges, Vitality champ programming, regular status calls, calendar planning and reviewing reports.

Employer Portal & Marketing Resources

The Vitality Information Portal (VIP) gives you the information and tools you need to educate, assist and motivate employees. The portal contains customizable communication materials for employees, including program introduction and promotion materials.


Vitality Champs are leaders in their companies who promote the Vitality wellness program and engage their co-workers. They help organize, lead and communicate activities that may include biometric screenings, group walks and runs or campaigns and contests. Vitality supports its Champs and helps guide them to maximize engagement though ongoing training and webinars.