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Finally, A Plan To Protect You From High Medical Expenses


Giving Public Retirees Complete Health Care Coverage

“I wanted to stay with WEA Trust when I retired. I did not want to switch, and having MedPlus available was a great comfort. The total coverage the Trust provides is better than the total coverage of other programs. I don’t have to fight tooth and nail for everything. When I’m with the Trust, I don’t have to worry about my health care being covered.”

-Merwin Moen, WEA-MedPlus Member, Retired School Superintendent

What is WEA-MedPlus?

WEA Trust created WEA-MedPlus as a custom alternative for retired Wisconsin public employees. MedPlus is a unique secondary plan to Medicare. If you’ve had WEA Trust health insurance in the past, you can count on the same trusted customer service and excellent coverage with MedPlus. The difference is that Medicare is the primary payer, and MedPlus is the secondary payer.

Am I Eligible for WEA-MedPlus?

MedPlus is available to retired public employees and their spouses who:

  • Are age 65 or older;
  • Have Medicare Parts A and B as your primary insurance (you cannot be enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan); and,
  • Want the quality group coverage that the Trust provides

NOTE: Please see "Simple Sign Up" below, for information on when to enroll.

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Superior Health Care Coverage

Medicare Supplements or Medicare Advantage Plans typically cover the same services Medicare covers.  Medicare pays a certain percentage of your health care costs, and the secondary plans cover another percentage. These plans, as well as Medicare, may not include coverage for certain medically necessary services that are important to you, such as annual physicals or foreign travel emergency care. 

WEA-MedPlus coverage extends beyond Medicare to make sure your health care coverage is complete.  Below are just a few examples of services MedPlus covers that other Medicare secondary plans may not cover. 

Common Service
Covered by Medicare Supplement/Advantage Plans
Covered by WEA-MedPlus
Annual physicals No Yes
Orthotics, like compression stockings No Yes
Out-of-country emergency services No Yes

Personal Customer Service

WEA Trust’s customer service is consistently rated #1 in Wisconsin in the annual CAHPS nationwide survey. The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) is a nationally recognized benchmark that both the Trust and the state of Wisconsin use to assess overall member satisfaction with health plans. Our highest service scores are awarded to us by our retired members.

An actual person working in Wisconsin answers when you call, making sure you get your questions answered. Plus, the average tenure of our customer service representatives is 8 years. You simply can’t find that level of knowledge and expertise in an automated phone tree.

Straightforward Rates

WEA-MedPlus members pay a standard monthly premium. Rates are adjusted every January 1 and are guaranteed for that calendar year. Premium rates are based, in part, on medical costs where you live and receive medical care. If you move from one area to another, your rates may either increase or decrease in January. 

Simple Sign Up 

You may apply for coverage under the WEA-MedPlus Plan at any time once you meet our eligibility criteria. You don’t have to wait for an “open enrollment” time period. However, if you do not enroll during the during the six-month period following the effective date of your Medicare Part B coverage, you must demonstrate that you were continuously covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan that provided coverage equivalent to or better than a basic Medicare supplement plan, during the six months immediately preceding your application for WEA-MedPlus.  

If you want to switch from another plan to MedPlus, make sure there’s not a lapse between this coverage and your MedPlus effective date. 

Enrolling in MedPlus takes less than 10 minutes. Our enrollment form is only two pages, instead of the 10 or more pages Medicare Supplements may require.

To determine your premium, use our online premium calculator.

Download Enrollment Form  WEA-MedPlus Premium Calculator


Customer Service


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