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Value Choice Drug Plan

The Value Choice Drug Plan

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This plan gives your employees access to effective medications while maximizing benefit dollars. This value-added service offers “best value” drugs in a variety of common categories with no copayment for members.

Why does it matter?

Our Value Choice Drug plan addresses two of the biggest cost drivers related to prescription drugs: consumerism and adherence.


By offering the value drugs at no copayment, the plan encourages members to use an equally effective drug in place of a higher-cost alternative. The cholesterol medication Crestor as one example. Crestor costs about $6.40 a dose and has no generic equivalent. However, the generic drug simvastatin—one of our “value choices”—costs only 10 cents per dose and for most people is as effective at treating high cholesterol. This means that for each employee who switches from Crestor to simvastatin you’ll save $2,300 per year.


When your employees don’t follow the medication plan provided by their doctor, the cost of a resulting complication can far outweigh the cost of the medications. Our Value Choice Drug Plan’s “no copay” structure helps reduce the cost barrier that employees sometimes face when filling their prescriptions. This often leads to better treatment adherence, and in turn, better health outcomes for your employees.

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WEA Trust iRx Program™

WEA Trust iRX Plan

We’re proud to be able to help you with your healthcare costs by including the WEA Trust iRx Program™ inside your ID Card at no cost. This program gives all drug plan members discounts on brand name and generic prescription medications.

  • Instant savings on prescriptions like cosmetic, infertility, and weight loss drugs with no qualifying.
  • Accepted at more than 60,000 participating pharmacies.
  • Absolutely no enrollment fees and no monthly or ongoing fees.
  • There’s no limit to the number of times the program can be used.
  • And best of all, you already have it! It’s included on your WEA Trust ID Card.

*Savings average 25%, with potential savings of up to 75% – based on 2013 national program savings data. DISCOUNT ONLY – NOT INSURANCE.

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