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Reconciling Payments

Transmittal reports make employer reporting easier.

Using the Transmittal Report for reconciling payments

We strongly urge that you pay your total monthly invoice amount and wait for any credits and charges to appear on a subsequent invoice. We’ll adjust the invoice total for any retroactive charges or credits due.

If you don’t pay the billed amount each month, you must reconcile your payment with the invoice total amount as follows:

  1. Enter the individual adjustments in the “Adjustment Amount” column on your Transmittal Report.
  2. Ali up these individual amounts and summarize them in the lower right-hand corner to show how you arrived at the payment you’ve made.
  3. Send the Transmittal Report, your reconciled payment, and the original summary page to:

WEA Insurance
P.O. Box 689511
Chicago, IL  60695-9511

Note: When you send in your invoice payment, keep a copy of your reconciled Transmittal Report for reference.


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