Smart Choice MRI™ Partnership for Employers

Smart Choice MRI

A smart partnership

WEA Trust is partnering with Smart Choice MRI™, a preferred imaging provider with multiple locations in southeast Wisconsin, to provide access to high quality care at a fraction of the cost.

You’re encouraged to use Smart Choice MRI™ for your MRI needs. As a WEA Trust health plan member, you’ll receive the following benefits with Smart Choice MRI™:

  • High-quality healthcare
  • Access to preferred lunchtime and evening appointments
  • Specially negotiated prices
  • $100 gift card, valid anywhere debit cards are accepted*

*State Health Plan and WEA-MedPlus members are not eligible for this incentive

Did you know?

A typical MRI in Wisconsin costs $2,900. At Smart Choice MRI, the same MRI costs just $600. Plus, you get a $100 incentive for making smart choices.

Make smart choices

Doctor says you need an MRI/MRA? Make your visit easy:

  1. Tell your doctor you’ll be opting for Smart Choice MRI™, and display your Smart Choice MRI™ provider card (if available).
  2. Call Smart Choice MRI™ at 844-NEED-MRI (844.633.3674) to make your appointment with a Scheduling Specialist.
  3. Attend your Smart Choice MRI™ appointment. If you haven’t met your plan deductible yet for the year, remember to bring a method of payment. Not sure if you’ve met your deductible yet? Call the Trust at 800.279.4000, and we’ll check for you.
  4. Follow up with your doctor as usual.

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