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When you’re injured or in pain, finding the right place to go for help can be overwhelming. At WEA Trust, we work to lighten this load by identifying the best-value providers for a variety of care needs.

If your doctor tells you that you need an MRI, consider going to Smart Choice MRI. You’ll receive top-notch care and earn a VISA Incentive Card.*

Please note: Many MRIs require preauthorization. See our preauthorization list. All MRIs must be considered medically necessary and appropriate to be a covered benefit.*VISA amount depends on your plan type.


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Get Top-Rated Care at Significantly Lower Costs


At the Trust, we rigorously analyze our network to identify high value providers. If you choose Smart Choice MRI for your medical needs, we guarantee you will receive high quality care at a fraction of the cost.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a helpful medical tool, when it’s medically necessary and appropriate. But the average cost of an MRI in Wisconsin is $2,500 and can be as high as $4,400. In contrast, SmartChoice MRIs are typically less than half the average cost. You can trust SmartChoice as a preferred provider with the lowest cost option and quality outcome.

In addition, your scans are produced and read by leaders in the industry. Smart Choice MRI is accredited by the American College of Radiology and has garnered an “A” rating from American Imaging Management (AIM). Scans are read and interpreted by radiologists at Cleveland Clinic, recently ranked among the country’s top hospitals by U.S. News & World Report.


Access Preferred Lunchtime and Evening Appointments

We believe that value providers should be affordable, high quality, and truly accessible. Smart Choice MRI has six locations in southeast Wisconsin and the Fox Valley that offer you preferred appointment times to work with your schedule.

You can have early-morning, evening, weekend, and in some cases same-day appointments. Most appointments are only 45 minutes long, with a minimal wait, if there’s a wait at all. And if you’re driving, you’ll find plenty of convenient parking at all Smart Choice MRI clinics.


Earn a VISA Incentive Card

Smart Choice MRI Incentive CardWe believe in the value of Smart Choice MRI so much that we offer VISA Incentive Cards to members who choose to go there for their imaging needs.* Consider it extra gas money, babysitter fees, or a celebration dinner when you feel better. However you use it, we want to make sure that you have the resources you need to get better, faster.

After your Smart Choice MRI appointment, you can expect to receive your VISA Incentive Card in the mail within 12 weeks. State Health Plan and WEA-secondary members are currently not eligible for the WEA Trust incentive VISA gift card.


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*INCENTIVE ELIGIBILITY:  One incentive card allowed per eligible member for all MRI services performed on a single day. If MRIs are performed on different days, an incentive card will be allowed for each day an MRI was performed. Fulfillment of $100 or $200 gift card incentive depends on plan type and may take up to 12 weeks. Other restrictions may apply, based on plan type and/or specific provider networks. Please call WEA Trust customer service at 800.279.4000 to learn about your eligibility.

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