FAQs: Local Spark Grant Program


Q:How do I enter?

How do I enter?

  1. Download and fill out the proposal form.
  2. Submit your proposal to WEA Trust using our online entry form.
Download Local Spark Proposal Form  Submit My Proposal

Q:When can people apply for the award?

Wisconsin community members have 1 month to submit their applications for the grant during the submission period.

Q:Why is WEA Trust sponsoring this award?

You know when the light just goes on?  Something sparks an idea in your brain, and all you want to do is help it shine. WEA Trust is awarding three communities $3,000 because we believe that Wisconsin can be a better place if innovative ideas—no matter how small—are given the fuel to thrive. The League of Wisconsin Municipalities joins us in our efforts to support ideas that light up Wisconsin’s communities.

Q:How will the award be evaluated?

Community experts will form a judging panel to evaluate all project entries. They will choose three winners based on the following criteria:

  1. Impact – will $3,000 make a difference?
  2. Community value – will the project add something to the community?
  3. Individuality – is the project unique to that community?
  4. Grassroots –projects cannot be part of another organization’s or company’s initiative.
  5. Viability – project submissions must include a basic plan for how the money will be used and when the project would be completed.

Q:Where is the award taking place?

Projects must support Wisconsin communities. Winners will be announced at the League of Wisconsin Municipalities Annual Conference in October.

Q:What is the Local Spark Award?

For the fourth year in a row, WEA Trust is hosting a grant program to support community projects in Wisconsin. WEA Trust will grant three $3,000 awards to Wisconsin community initiatives. 

The Trust is proud to partner with the League of Wisconsin Municipalities to promote this award program. 

Q:Who can win a Local Spark Award?

Winners will have a passion project or unique idea to improve their community. Anyone who lives in a Wisconsin city or village can enter to win.