1095 Frequently Asked Questions

1095 Frequently Asked Questions

Affordable Care Act 1095 Reporting: FAQs

As a requirement of the Affordable Care Act, your 2017 federal tax return will ask if you and your dependents had qualifying health care coverage in 2017. The 1095-B Forms detail your 2017 qualifying coverage through the WEA Trust. We are also required to report this information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This information will assist you and the IRS in verifying that you maintained minimum essential coverage and therefore are not subject to the individual mandate penalty.

What is Form 1095-B?

Form 1095-B is a requirement under the Affordable Care Act. 1095-B indicates which months you and your family members had health coverage during the previous calendar year.

Why did WEA Trust send me this form?

You are receiving a Form 1095-B because WEA provided you or your family member(s) with health coverage during the previous year.

Who else receives the 1095-B?

The IRS will receive copies of your forms so that it can verify the information your report on your federal income tax return about your health coverage for 2017. The IRS will confirm that that you maintained minimum essential coverage throughout 2017 and, therefore, are not subject to the individual mandate penalty.

What should I do with this form?

You should retain your 1095-B forms with your tax records.

Is the 1095-B form mandatory? Will I be getting this each year?

Insurers and sponsors of self-insured plans must send the form annually.

I retired in June and enrolled in WEA Med Plus. Why is the 1095-B form blank when I had coverage with WEA Med Plus?

WEA Med Plus participants must have Medicare as their primary insurance. Medicare will report coverage for all Medicare participants. Health plans that require enrollment in Medicare are not required to file 1095-B forms as it would be redundant.

My social security number is missing from the form. What should I do?

If a social security number is missing or incorrect, please report/update that information on our website at www.weatrust.com/aca. Note: If you do make a change, a new form will not be generated; however, any corrections you make on the website will be updated in our system and transmitted correctly to the IRS. 

I received a 1095-C form from my employer. What is the difference between the 1095-B and the 1095-C forms?

The 1095-B forms verify when an individual had minimum essential coverage. The 1095-C forms show whether or not an employer offered a full time employee affordable coverage.

I received a 1095-B but did not receive a 1095-C. What should I do?

Employers are required to send 1095-C forms to fulltime employees, that is, employees who work 30 or more hours per week. If you are a part-time employee, your employer is not required to send the 1095-C form. Please contact your employer with questions regarding the 1095-C forms.

The 1095-C form I received has the wrong premium contribution listed. I paid more than what the form states.

The employee portion is for the lowest cost for a single premium. It is not a reflection of what you actually paid. If you had a family health plan, your contribution will be more than the amount shown on your 1095-C.

I have questions about the information on the 1095-C forms.

Any questions about the 1095-C forms should be directed to your employer.

I have questions about how to use these forms to complete my tax return.

Please contact your tax preparer; we are unable to advise on tax information.

For additional information: https://www.irs.gov/Affordable-Care-Act/Questions-and-Answers-about-Health-Care-Information-Forms-for-Individuals

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