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Q:Submitting A Claim

Download prescription claim form and submit to:

MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc.
PO Box 509098
San Diego, CA  92150-9098

Q:Dispense as Written (DAW) Policy

A cost-saving feature of your drug plan

One of the features of WEA Trust drug policies is that a pharmacist will substitute generic medications for brand-name drugs whenever an FDA-approved generic equivalent is available. Generic substitution is part of our cost-effectiveness policy that limits reimbursement to the most cost-effective treatment from among viable alternatives.

You will have to pay more for DAW prescriptions

physician may at times write a prescription as “Dispense As Written” (DAW), meaning a pharmacist cannot substitute an FDA-approved generic medication. Since a brand name drug is significantly more expensive, a DAW prescription will bring additional member costs unless it is preauthorized by the WEA Trust. For DAW prescriptions that are not preauthorized, the member must pay the applicable brand copayment plus the difference in cost between the brand drug and the generic.

Member options to lower costs

  • If a member is willing to use an FDA-approved generic equivalent, but their current prescription states, “DAW, Brand Medically Necessary,” or “No Substitution,” the member will need a new prescription without any of those notations to allow for the generic to be dispensed.
  • The doctor writing the prescription may seek preauthorization by contacting MedImpact, the WEA Trust’s pharmacy benefit manager, at 888.807.8106. The doctor will need to present compelling clinical evidence indicating why the brand name drug is medically necessary. If our pharmacists and physicians agree this evidence supports the brand name drug over the generic equivalent, the member will only be responsible for the appropriate brand copayment.

Q:Setup Home Delivery

Step 1: Enroll

Complete the mail order enrollment form.

Step 2: Fill Your Prescription

Mail the original prescription and the enrollment form to: Novixus  PO Box 8004 Novi, MI 48376 Or have your provider send the prescription directly to Novixus through the following options:

Call: 1-888-240-2211
Fax: 1-877-395-4836
Mail: PO Box 8004 Novi, MI 48376

Step 3: Payment

You can pay by phone or by mail. Novixus accepts major credit cards or checks.

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