Minimally Invasive Thread Carpal Tunnel Release Procedure

WEA Trust has partnered with the Ovation Hand Institute to provide our members with the option of thread carpal tunnel release (TCTR), a minimally invasive and cost-effective procedure treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

The Ovation Hand Institute offers TCTR using ultrasound technology, resulting in a 15-minute procedure that is performed in an office setting without a scalpel incision.

Traditional carpal tunnel surgery 

  • 3% complication rate
  • Two-month recovery time 

Ovation Hand Institute thread carpal tunnel release

  • Less than 1% complication rate
  • As fast as a one- to two-day recovery time, getting you back to work and life faster


Learn More About Ovation Hand Institute's Procedure

If you'd like to speak with WEA Trust regarding the Ovation Hand Institute, contact our Customer Service Team.