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Improve Your Health, Your Way

If you want to run a 5K, you can check in from your gym on Vitality’s mobile app. You can even complete an online nutrition course to help you eat healthier.

Choose Your Rewards

As you complete activities on Vitality, you’ll get more than the satisfaction of attaining better health. You will achieve higher Vitality Status, which means you earn more Vitality Bucks®. With your Bucks, you can “buy” rewards such as an Amazon.com Gift Card, which is redeemable for millions of items in a wide range of categories.





How To Get Started

1. Activate Your Membership

Activating your Vitality membership is simple. Log in to the Vitality member area here.

2. Complete the Vitality Health Review

The site will prompt you to complete your Vitality Health Review (VHR).

Once the VHR is completed your membership will be activated.

3. Questions

Call our WEA Trust Customer Service team at 800.279.4000.




“The human element of WEA Trust’s wellness program is the number one factor that motivated me. I love seeing how many Vitality Points I can rack up to get to the next level. Vitality makes fitness fun.”

Amy Shaw
WEA Trust Wellness Member



WEA Trust Wellness Program Includes:

image of map on cell phone

Vitality Age®

The wellness journey starts here. Vitality Age compares your health risk-related age to your actual age. The tool is a high-impact, yet easy-to-understand, motivator for change.

Integrated Wellness Network

Vitality syncs with 100+ wearable devices and thousands of gyms, making it easier for you to track points and earn rewards on your mobile app.

Vitality Bucks®

You can use Vitality Bucks to “buy” rewards of your choosing, like movie passes, charitable donations and gift cards for iTunes or Amazon.com. Vitality Bucks don’t expire for participating employees.





How do I activate my Vitality membership?

Activating your Vitality membership is simple. When you log in to the member area of our website for the first time, the site will prompt you to complete your Vitality Health Review (VHR). Once you complete it, we will activate your membership.

How will my VHR be affected if I am unable to immediately answer some of the questions?

Do your best to answer all of the questions on the VHR. Until you do, your VHR will not be an accurate reflection of your overall health. However, we will still award you Vitality Points for completing the VHR to the best of your ability.

May I update my answers on the VHR at a later date?

You may update your answers on the VHR except those in the Key Measurements section. Once we receive verified biometric measures, you can only update them when you submit verified results from your Vitality Check. 

Do I have to use my work email address on my Vitality account?

No, you may use whichever email address you choose.

Is it possible to change my username?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your username.

Does my spouse or domestic partner - who would like to take part in the Vitality program - need to register?

Yes. If your spouse or domestic partner is eligible to do so, and wishes to take part in the Vitality program and earn Vitality Points, he or she will need his or her own account to complete a VHR, use the interactive tools, take online courses, etc. Your eligible spouse or domestic partner will register just as you did; however, in doing so, he or she will use the last four digits of your Social Security Number. Please note: On this website, we refer to spouses and domestic partners as "partners".

How is my Vitality Status determined?

Vitality determines your Vitality Status by the number of Vitality Points that you earn based on the activities in which you partake. There are four Vitality Status levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The more Vitality Points you earn, the higher your Vitality Status. Your Points Status resets each year. For example, reach Gold Status in Year One and you'll enjoy Gold Status benefits for the remainder of the year and again in Year Two. You'll begin Year Two with a Reward Status at Gold and a Points Status at Bronze. To maintain or surpass your Reward Status in Year Two and carry it into Year Three, you'll need to earn enough points for that desired status level in Year Two. In any program year, you can surpass the status level you earned the previous year and move up to the higher status level immediately. You do not have to wait until the next program year.

I have a medical condition or disability and can't fully participate in the Vitality program. Can you suggest ways for me to partake in it and earn Vitality Points?

Vitality is committed to helping you achieve your healthiest life, and offers rewards to all members who participate in our wellness program. If for any reason, you think you are unable to meet an outcome or activity-based standard or its reasonable alternative under Vitality, your physician can evaluate whether or not you are able to earn the same rewards. 

Who has access to the personal information I submit online to Vitality?

Confidentiality is a top priority at Vitality. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of confidentiality with all of the information we receive from our members. The Internet Privacy Statement assures you that Vitality keeps the information you share with them confidential and fully secure.


Who do I contact with technical or program-related inquiries?

Does it matter which browser I use to view the Vitality website?

You may use any browser, however, if you are using Internet Explorer (IE) browser in Compatibility mode, please be advised that this might disable some website features for you. If you are experiencing issues while using IE, please turn off Compatibility Mode as instructed below:

  • Go to Settings (if you have the newest IE, click on the widget icon in top right)

  • Select Compatibility View settings

  • Uncheck the box for "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View"

After you have disabled the Compatibility mode, close the browser and open a fresh session to view the website.



Where can I view the points I've earned?

Your earned points will always populate on your Points Statement. Please note that points are awarded to the date on which your activity took place rather than the date on which it was submitted.

How quickly will Vitality award points after I have completed an activity?

Vitality will award your points and display them on the website 2 to 45 days after you complete your activities:

  • Vitality will award your earned points for online activities 24 to 48 hours after you complete them.

  • Vitality will award points for activities you submit via email, fax or online in two to three business days. This is typical for a Vitality Check online submission, prevention activities, waivers, etc.

  • Vitality will award your Vitality Check results 4 to 6 weeks after they are submitted by a biometric screening provider (preferred partner laboratory). This is typical for Vitality Checks completed onsite at your company or at the partner laboratory location.

Vitality will award points earned for Vitality-approved workouts tracked with fitness devices. Once a workout has been uploaded to your device’s account (Polar, Fitbit, MapMyFitness, Garmin, etc.) it will be transferred to Vitality and awarded within 24 to 48 hours. Please note: For Vitality to approve your workouts, they must meet our established thresholds. 

Do my points decrease when I redeem Vitality Bucks?

No, when you redeem your available Vitality Bucks for exciting rewards, your Vitality Points and Vitality Status will not decrease.  Your bucks’ total, however, will reflect the redeemed amount.

Is there a maximum number of points I can accrue?

There is no maximum for the total amount of points in the program, however we have set a maximum of 7,000 points for the Physical Activity category. We hope to help our members improve their overall health, not just one or two aspects of it. Limiting the number of points members can earn in the Physical Activity category encourages them to explore the other areas of the program. If you have met the maximum in the Physical Activity category, do not worry, you will be able to earn points again once your program year renews.

Will you let me know when I earn points?

Yes, provided that you have checked the box agreeing to receive messages from Vitality (under Manage Email Subscriptions at the bottom of the Settings Page under Your Account), we will send notifications to you at the email address we currently have on file for you. The number of points earned indicated in the email will reflect the number of points Vitality awarded to you on the day prior to our sending the email to you. This number usually coincides with the recent activities listed on your Points Statement. However, please bear in mind that there are occasionally delays between the date an activity takes place and the date Vitality receives the data to award Vitality Points.

Can I select to opt out of receiving email notifications about earned points?

Yes, you can. To do so, log into the Vitality site, go to Your Account and select Settings. At the bottom of the Settings Page and under Manage Email Subscriptions, uncheck the box to receive messages about your progress in the Vitality Program. Please note: When you opt out of email notifications about points, you are also opting out of other program-related email communications from Vitality.

If I change school districts or retiree, what happens to my Vitality points?

If you are changing school districts or retiring, you must spend your unused Vitality bucks at least one day before your health plan ends with your current district otherwise you will lose all of your Vitality bucks.


I replaced my old Fitbit device. How do I link my new device to Vitality?

May I use Charge HR to track heart rate?

If you have a Charge HR, you will be awarded points based on your step data. At this time, Fitbit will only transmits step data (not heart rate data) to Vitality.

How can I delink my Fitbit account from Vitality?

Can I link more than one Fitbit account to Vitality?

Can I link my new device to my Fitbit account via the Fitbit app?

I am not receiving the correct number of steps for my workouts on Vitality. What do I do?

Please make sure you are not recording workouts from two different sources; with a Fitbit and a Fitbit MobileTrack.

I have stopped receiving points for my workouts. What do I do?

Please make sure that you are syncing your device daily on the Fitbit mobile app. If workouts are uploading, try delinking and then linking your account again if you are missing workouts from the past two weeks. Additionally, check if you have reached the Physical Activity category limit.

Can I track elliptical workouts with a Fitbit?

Since the Fitbit device does not track smooth physical actions very well, we recommend using a compatible heart rate monitor for elliptical workouts.

My device is not working. What do I do?

All Fitbit replacements and troubleshooting are handled by Fitbit directly. Please call 877.623.4997 or go to help.fitbit.com for additional assistance.


How do I link the Vitality Today app?

Which smartphones are compatible with the Vitality Today app?

Vitality Today app is available on iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones.

How can I earn points using the Vitality Today app?

You can earn points by checking in on a goal, logging a workout at a gym, or submitting activities using your smartphone’s camera.

What are the features of the Vitality Today app?

You can use the app to see an overview of your VHR results and Vitality Age, and to review your Vitality Points and Vitality Status. You can also use the app to log a workout at a gym and to submit your physical activity events like Athletic Events and Sports Leagues.

How do I submit activities using the Vitality Today app?

Tap “Log an Event” to submit an Athletic Event, a Sports League, a Vitality Check or Health Club Workout. Don’t forget to send proof of your participation by taking a photo or attach a photo that already exists in your library! Once you’ve submitted the event, you will get a box confirming your successful submission. Within two business days, Vitality will review your submission and award points accordingly.

Please note that you can submit events from up to 90 days ago. If the event is more than 90 days old, you may instead submit your activity by email (wellness@powerofvitality.com) or by fax (877.224.7110).


Will Vitality audit my verification document and workouts submitted via the app?

To protect the integrity of the program, Vitality verifies the accuracy of information submitted. Incorrect or incomplete information will result in the denial or cancellation of Vitality Points, or potential termination of membership according to the terms and conditions of the program.

Can I use the app to review my points and status?

Yes. Tap “Points” to reveal a history of the points you have earned in the current program year. As you earn more points, your status will increase. Your status is listed at the top of your Vitality Today home page.

How do I upgrade my watch OS?

Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and select the My Watch tab if necessary. Tap General, then tap Software Update. Tap Download and install to begin the process.