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Pricing Chart for Amwell Services

Pricing Chart

Amwell Cost Comparison Chart

Affordable Healthcare

For most WEA Trust members, Amwell doctor visits cost just $5. See our pricing chart below for the differences between each health plan.  

More convenient = more affordable

Amwell is designed to address the same issues that cause many people to visit their primary care doctor or go to an urgent care clinic. Let’s say your child is up at 2am with stomach pain. Instead of going to urgent care in the middle of the night, you could log into Amwell in less time than it takes to load your kids into the car. With Amwell, you don’t even have to get out of bed.

Not only is Amwell more convenient, but it also saves you over $100 on average. Most members pay just $5 for quality care they can access in less than 10 minutes. 

2016 Pricing Chart

Health Plan
What You Pay
Essential Plan $5.00 copay
State Health Plan

Most members will pay $5.00. All Medicare prime members, Local traditional (P02) and Local Deductible (P04) will have a $0 copayment.

WEA-MedPlus $39.00
Essential Qualified Plan $39.00 until deductible is met
State and Local HDHP $39.00 until deductible is met

As of 1/1/16, Amwell services will apply to both the deductible and/or the maximum out-of-pocket amount

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