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Orthopedic & Sports Institute of Fox Valley | OSI Appleton, WI

Orthopedic & Sports Institute of the Fox Valley

Why OSI?

The Trust’s partnership with OSI means you’ll have a unified care experience. Everything the procedure requires is included in an easy to understand, upfront price and delivered by OSI. So, if you need knee replacement surgery and choose to have it done at OSI, your surgery roadmap is already laid out. OSI will handle the advanced imaging, the surgery itself, the recovery, and any necessary physical therapy. This means you’ll receive better care and have an easier time scheduling and coordinating everything.

A Quality Guarantee

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OSI is redefining orthopedic surgery quality. That’s why they built a specialized campus facility with the patient in mind which allows them to provide high quality muscle, bone, spine, and joint care all under one roof. As a WEA Trust member, you have access to OSI’s Surgery Center, MRI Lab, Physical Therapy Programs, Pain Management Programs and Recovery Inn Skilled Nursing Facility. OSI is so confident in the quality of their care and outcomes that their work comes with a 90-day guarantee. 

This means when you head to OSI to have a procedure done you can have peace of mind knowing that it will be done right.

Healthy Choice Incentive

At the Trust, we believe in rewarding our members for making the best healthcare choices. When you choose to have a procedure done at OSI, we’ll send you a $250 Visa Reward card to recognize that you’ve made a smart healthcare choice. 

State Health Plan and WEA-secondary members are currently not eligible for the WEA Trust incentive VISA gift card.

Easy Access

  • Same-day priority access
  • No referral necessary (some procedures require pre-authorization from WEA Trust)
  • Superior quality where it counts:
    • Infection Rate: 0.3%
    • Re-admission Rate: 0.8%
  • All exam, diagnostic and treatment options at a single location
  • Concierge service and amenities
  • Faster return to a normal lifestyle

Find an OSI Location

Living with orthopedic or other similar injuries can be draining. Whether in constant discomfort from carpel tunnel or dealing with a painful knee or hip, sometimes conservative care or therapy isn’t enough. At this point, you might have to consider surgery, which can be an intimidating decision. 

At the Trust, we recognize this. To better serve you, we’ve partnered with Orthopedic & Sports Institute of the Fox Valley in Appleton to offer orthopedic services when you need help. OSI’s model provides all aspects of your care under one roof. All you need to do to get started is call 920.560.1000.

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