Find an Out-of-State Doctor for Travel/College Students

Out-Of-State Doctor

Group Plan Networks:

  • Trust Preferred
  • Trust East
  • Mayo Clinic Health System
  • Chippewa Valley Network
  • Trust Select Aurora

Group Plan Members

Finding an Out-of-Area Provider for Group Plan Members

If this is urgent or emergent as defined by your plan or you live outside of the state of Wisconsin, please use our Out-of-Area Provider Search.

If you live in the state of Wisconsin and this is not urgent or emergent, please call customer service at: 800.279.4000 for assistance.  Our Customer Service Representatives will:

  • Help you find the right provider for your needs.
  • Explain any out-of-pocket costs for which you may be responsible.

State Plan Networks:

  • State Plan East
  • State Plan West - Chippewa Valley
  • State Plan West - Mayo Clinic Health System
  • State Maintenance Plan


State Plan Members

Finding an Out-of-Area Provider for State Plan Members

If you are out of your service area and need urgent or emergent care as defined by your health plan, please use our Out-of-Area Provider Search.

State Access Plan Networks:

  • Access Plan Nationwide (PHCS)

State Access Plan Members

Finding an Out-of-Area Provider for Group Plan Members

If you are looking for a provider outside of the state of Wisconsin, please use our Out-of-Area Provider Search.

Medicare Plan Networks:

  • ETF IYC Medicare Plus
  • WEA-MedPlus

Medicare Plans

Finding an Out-of-Area Provider for Medicare Plan Members

You can see any provider if your services are covered by Medicare and your provider accepts Medicare. For assistance in finding providers that accept Medicare, please visit

Out of state doctor

Q:What should I do if my service was not covered?

Please contact our Customer Service department. Our Customer Service Representatives will help research and explain your charges. When necessary, the Customer Service Representative may offer to contact the provider on your behalf to assist with claim resolution.

Q:How do I find a cost effective and accessible alternative to urgent care?

Doctors and therapists are just a click away on our Maddy Virtual Care virtual visit app. Copays are as low as $0 depending on your plan. This can also help you avoid out-of-network charges if you are outside your normal service area.

Q:Does my WEA Trust Health Plan cover me when I’m traveling outside the United States?

Please refer to our Travel page. The Travel page will cover emergency care, non-emergency care, and prescription drug coverage outside the United States.

Q:Your right to ask questions and solve complaints.

You have the right to understand your benefits and ask questions if you don’t agree with a decision made about your claim. Please refer to our Your Right to Ask Questions and Solve Complains document.

Q:Is my child's out-of-state college health center considered in-network?

Yes. Student Health Centers are considered in-network. Another resource for college students on the WEA Trust health plan is Maddy Virtual Care. Virtual urgent and behavioral health services are available to college students when the student enrolls at

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