Diabetes Management Program

Diabetes Management Program

Making Life With Diabetes Easier

If you or a family member are a WEA Trust health plan member and have been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, you qualify for our Diabetes Management Program. This cutting-edge program includes a smart touchscreen glucose meter and unlimited lancets and test strips — all at no cost to you!

*Livongo is available to all WEA Trust members. However, if members are on a WEA-MedPlus or Medicare Prime plan, they are eligible for Livongo only if they were enrolled in Livongo while covered by a WEA Trust plan prior to switching to the Medicare plan. 

Why enroll in the Diabetes Management Program

  1. Connected Blood Glucose Meter: Automatically uploads your blood glucose readings to your secure online account and provides real-time, personalized tips.

  2. Support from Coaches When You Need It: Communicate with a coach anytime about diabetes questions on nutrition or lifestyle changes.

  3. Unlimited Strips at No Cost to You:  When you are about to run out of strips, Livongo ships more right to your door.

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Use Registration Code = TRUSTDM

State IYC Program Members use Registration Code = WEA-ETF 

The Diabetes Management Program Helps You Get and Stay on Track 

Instant transmission of your data: The In Touch® device is cellular-enabled. No more handwritten logbooks. No more upload cables. No need for a mobile phone. 

Easy-to-understand readings: You add context, like when the reading was taken and how you felt at the time. This helps you understand what might be causing your results. 

No more remembering to order device refills: The system knows how many strips you’ve used and when you need more. Your In Touch blood glucose meter will prompt you with a message to reorder. 

Immediate information sharing: You choose the group of people with whom you want to share information, such as your family, doctor, or Diabetes Management coach. 

Support when you need it: Certified Diabetes Educators are there to listen, motivate, and support you. They even reach out if one of your readings requires medical attention. 

Easy, anytime access: Access everything you need on In Touch: your reports, electronic log book, and trends.

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Use Registration Code = TRUSTDM

State IYC Program Members use Registration Code = WEA-ETF 


What if your blood glucose meter does not have cell coverage?

Your Livongo blood glucose meter uses T-mobile (BG300c) or AT&T (BG300) networks to upload your readings. According to the data from the cellular providers, if you live in an area with fair T-mobile 4G or AT&T 3G coverage outdoors, the service indoors may be intermittent. This is why you may find yourself unable to upload your readings right away even if your blood glucose meter displays network bars.

If you have trouble establishing a connection at home, you may want to try moving to an area with stronger coverage (e.g., closer to a window), and turn your meter off, then back on.

  1. Press and hold down the on/off (silver) button for 8-10 seconds until "powering down" message appears. Wait for 60 seconds. Turn meter back on.

  2. Go to the About section of your meter's settings. If IP is displayed, you can try to connect again by taking a BG reading or performing a control solution test.

If you're still unable to establish a connection at home, you may also want to consider taking the blood glucose meter with you to another area with stronger coverage. We understand that lack of network connectivity can be frustrating. However, please know that any readings that are not automatically uploaded due to connectivity issues are stored to your device. As soon as you are able to establish a connection, all stored readings should upload to your account.


If you're able to establish an area where you have strong connectivity, we recommend that once in that area, you attempt to connect to the network by:

  • Submitting a new blood glucose reading or control solution result

Keep in mind that you can always update your test strip count, order refills and manage your profile by logging into your member account at my.livongo.com.