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Resource Center for Health Plan Members

Resource Center

Below you’ll find answers to common questions as well as commonly used forms:

Q:How do I add/remove a family member?

To assure that your paycheck deduction matches your selected plan, we encourage you to work with the HR office at your employer to add or remove a family member after a qualifying life event.


If you have already contacted your HR office, you may proceed to fill out the online enrollment form.

Q:When do I need to complete an enrollment form?

The birth of a child 
When changing from a single to a family plan (marriage, adoption, birth) 
When changing from a family to a single plan (divorce) 
If a divorce does not result in changing from a family plan to a single plan, i.e., one spouse and other dependents will remain on the policy, they do not need to complete an enrollment form, rather they just need to report the change to their employer.

Q:What discounts are available to me as a Trust health plan member?

You can see a full list of available discounts here.

Q:Am I eligible for WEA MedPlus?

Check out our WEA-MedPlus quiz to determine if you're eligible.

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