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Enhanced Care Solutions

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Virtual Visits


Maddy Virtual Care allows you to have on-demand video visits with board-certified medical doctors on your smartphone, tablet or computer for urgent care issues. You can also schedule virtual behavioral health and psychiatry visits. 

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Take control of your health and get engaged with our wellness program powered by Vitality*.
*Vitality is not available for State Health Plan members

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Colorectal Cancer Screening Resource


WEA Trust offers Cologuard, an at-home colorectal screening option for those 45 to 75 years of age. Cologuard is free to eligible WEA Trust members.

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Member FAQs


Member FAQs

Who is eligible for the CancerCare program?

All WEA Trust members excluding WEA MedPlus and ETF Medicare.

Are telehealth or virtual visits a covered benefit?


Video conferencing, telemedicine, or telehealth services are covered under the WEA Trust health policies if they are provided in a manner that allows verbal and visual interaction between the physician and patient. This does not include care provided strictly by telephone. If you want to see a provider virtually, we encourage you to use Maddy Virtual Care.

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