Traveling Outside United States


Does my Trust health plan cover me when I’m traveling outside the United States?

Emergency care

All Essential Health and Essential Qualified Health plans as well as our Health Conversion Plan, cover emergency care received outside the United States at the deductible, coinsurance, and copayment amounts that apply to Network providers.  Our reimbursement will however be subject to our maximum allowable fee and all other plan provisions.  Under WEA-MedPlus, our reimbursement is subject to the maximum allowable fee specific to the WEA-MedPlus Plan.

However, it is unlikely that doctors or hospitals outside the United States will accept your Trust ID card as assurance of payment. So be prepared to pay for medical services out of pocket.

Obtain an itemized bill for all emergency care. Be sure the bill includes the following elements:

  • Letterhead indicating the name and address of the person or organization providing the service
  • Full name of the patient receiving the service
  • Date of each service
  • Description of each service
  • Charge for each service in U.S. currency

Submit claims with International Claims Form.

Non-emergency care


  • Non-emergency care received outside the United States is not covered for most plans.
  • ETF plans: IYC Medicare Plus and IYC Access Plan provide coverage for medically necessary non-emergency care outside the United States, subject to appropriate deductible, coinsurance and non-network cost-sharing. Submit claims with our International Claims Form and include the same elements as for emergency care noted above.

Refer to your Benefit Summary for the name of your health plan.

Prescription drugs

FDA-approved prescriptions received outside the United States are covered under your Trust health plan (subject to preauthorization requirements). You’ll need to get a detailed receipt that includes the drug name and dosing information.

Submit claims with International Claims Form.

State Health Plan members: Consult Navitus for information on submitting claims for prescription drugs received outside the United States.




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