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Procedures Available at Orthopedic & Sports Institute

Procedures List

OSI Bundled Pricing Procedures List

You may be eligible for the $250 incentive card if you receive one of the following bundled procedures from our provider partners. However, restrictions for the $250 incentive may apply, based on things like plan type and provider networks. Please call WEA Trust customer service at 800.274.4000 to learn about your eligibility for the $250 incentive. If you are eligible for the $250 incentive, you should receive your debit card within 12 weeks.

*Some bundled procedures require preauthorization from WEA Trust.

Total Knee Replacement* 
Partial Knee Replacement*
Total Hip Replacement*
Total Ankle Replacement*
Total Shoulder Replacement
Partial Shoulder
Trigger Finger Release
Carpal Tunnel Release
Ulnar Nerve Transposition
Elbow Biceps Tendon Repair
Elbow Tenotomy (Tennis Elbow)
Hip Arthroscopy/Shaving
Manipulation of Knee Joint
Diagnostic Knee Scope
Removal of Kneecap Bursa
Knee Arthroscopy/Meniscectomy/Medial or Lateral
Knee Arthroscopy/Chondroplasty
Knee Arthroscopy/Abrasive Arthroplasty 
Knee Arthroscopy/Synovectomy, Limited of Major 
Knee Arthroscopy with Lateral Release or Microfracture
Knee Arthroscopy/Lysis of Adhesions
Removal of Knee Cyst 
Knee Arthroscopy/Removal of Foreign Body
Meniscal Repair
ACL or PCL Repair 
Removal of Support Implant -- Superficial
Removal of Support Implant -- Deep
Epidural Injections (Cervical, Epidural, or Transforaminal)* 
Achilles Repair
Toe Joint Fusion
Ankle Fusion 
Manipulation of Shoulder Joint
Shoulder Biceps Tendon Repair
Shoulder Arthroscopy - Debridement
Shoulder Arthroscopy - Distal Clavicle Resection
Shoulder Arthroscopy - Labral/SLAP Repair 
Nerve Root Decompression
Cervical Fusion/Disc Arthroscopy*
Lumbar Fusion*
Rotator Cuff Repair


*requires WEA preauthorization

The Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Procedures List

Breast Reduction*
Breast Cancer Reconstruction


*requires WEA preauthorization

Fox Valley Hematology & Oncology

Oncology Radiation Treatment



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