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MedPlus Vision Coverage

MedPlus Includes Routine Vision Coverage

Did you know that vision exams can serve as a window into your overall health? Annual eye exams not only detect eye diseases like cataracts and glaucoma; they can also provide early detection of other diseases like diabetes, multiple sclerosis and high blood pressure.

That’s one of the reasons why WEA-MedPlus provides routine vision benefits via the National Vision Administrators (NVA). As a MedPlus member, you will have coverage for routine vision exams and vision correction materials, such as lenses, frames and contacts.

If you choose to get your services from a non-network provider, you may download and fill out this claim form in order to get reimbursement.

Covered Services



Routine Vision Exam

(once every 12 months)

Covered at 100%, after $10 copay

Up to $35


One type of lens is covered every 12 months


Standard glass or plastic

Covered at 100%, after $10 copay

Single vision: up to $35

Bi-focal: up to $40

Tri-focal: up to $50

Elective contacts1

Covered up to $125 retail allowance2

(discount off remaining balance of 15% for conventional or 10% for disposable)3

Up to $105

Non-elective contacts

Covered at 100%

Up to $200


(once every 24 months)

Covered up to $125 retail allowance4

(discount off remaining balance of 20%)5

Up to $70


1. Fitting & Follow-Up Fees are deducted from the Contact Lens Retail Allowance shown above unless otherwise specified.
2. Contact lenses covered up to $88 Retail Allowance at Walmart and Sam’s Club locations that are in the Network.
3. Discount does not apply at Contact Fill or Walmart and Sam’s Club locations. Prohibited by some manufacturers or where prohibited by law.
4. Covered up to $50 Retail Allowance at Walmart and Sam’s Club locations that are in the Network.
5. Discount does not apply for certain proprietary frame brands, at Walmart and Sam’s Club locations or where prohibited by law.

Use the NVA Vision Network

As a MedPlus member, you will also have access to a national vision network of more than 46,000 eye care professionals that includes independent and retail locations. We strongly encourage MedPlus members seek vision care and services from an NVA Network Provider. You will have the best reimbursement and least amount of paperwork if you see an eye care provider or go to a vision retailer in the NVA Network.

Find an NVA Provider Near You! 

If you choose to get your services from a non-network provider, you may download and fill out this claim form in order to get reimbursement.  


Save on Vision Services

In addition to the routine vision benefits covered under the plan, WEA-MedPlus members are eligible for discounts through NVA for laser eye surgery through the National Lasik Network and up to 30% lower prices through Contact Fill, a mail-order service.


Login to Your Vision Plan

In order to take advantage of your plan benefits, create a log-in with our plan administrator.  You will be asked for your Vision ID number—this is the same as the subscriber number on your WEA Trust ID Card.

After you create your log-in, you will be able to:

  • Find an NVA Network provider near you
  • Print additional ID cards
  • Verify your plan benefits
  • Review claims 
  • Access tools to reduce your out-of-pocket expense 
  • Find frames that are available to you at no cost under your plan’s frame benefit


Frequently Asked Questions


MedPlus Vision

Q:Where can I get prescription eyeglasses?

We recommend you select an in-network NVA vision retailer because you will get the best reimbursement.

 You can find one near you at or by calling 877.262.7915. We also recommend seeing an eye care provider in the NVA vision network.

Q:What happens if I already have vision coverage through another carrier?

Routine vision coverage is included in MedPlus; it is not optional. If you choose to keep your other vision plan, remember to bring both your vision ID Card and your WEA Trust ID Card with you to your eye care provider. Your provider will coordinate your benefits.

Q:What should I do at my next vision appointment?

If you see an NVA Network provider for your next routine vision exam, let them know you have NVA insurance effective January 1. Show them your new WEA Trust ID Card, which you will receive in December. Your provider should verify your eligibility and handle sending claims to NVA.   

If you see a vision provider that is not in the NVA Network, you must pay the entire cost of the service at the time of service, and then submit a completed claim form to NVA for processing.  You can request a claim form from NVA or print one off here.

Q:Do I have any out-of-pocket costs for vision services?

When you see a Network provider, you will have a $10 copay for your vision exam and standard corrective eyeglass lenses, although additional fees for lens options will apply. We will also reimburse up to $125 for frames or up to $125 for contacts in lieu of eyeglasses.

Reimbursement amounts will be lower when you see a non-network provider. Please review your Benefit Summary for more details on your out-of-pocket costs.