COPD Remote Health Monitoring 

Through WEA Trust Care Management

Breath of Relief

Living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can cause both physical and emotional challenges. One in four adults with COPD say they are not able to work. One in three adults with COPD have trouble walking or climbing stairs1. Overcoming these challenges can be a long and difficult journey. This is where WEA Trust's COPD Care Management program can provide a breath of relief.

COPD Care Management provides an easy and convenient way of tracking your breathing, signs and symptoms, while providing direct access to a team of Care Management clinicians. Our clinically validated program ensures you are receiving the best level of care. By combining the ease of automated mobile messages with a team of accessible and supportive clinicians, living life with COPD becomes more manageable.


Personalized Care and Support

The WEA Trust Care Management Team is available throughout your journey to provide ongoing advice and support. They are your direct point of contact to help with your COPD care. To ensure you are remaining healthy and managing your condition, a Care Manager will provide outreach when you show worsening or emergent signs and symptoms. Our Care Management support system is there to assist in managing your condition, help you find a provider, prepare for medical visits and more.


Sign Up Today

When you are enrolled in COPD Remote Health Monitoring, your Care Manager will receive updates and notifications and reach out should your signs and symptoms trigger an alert. To sign up for Remote Health Monitoring, click the link below.

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Program Details

How often will I receive communication?

You will receive communication from WEA Trust's COPD Care Management Team based on your preferred method and time of delivery. Members can receive messages twice a week or weekly. Per your needs and progress, communication frequency can be adjusted.

Below are some sample messages:

    • is your cough better, worse or the same compared to normal?

    • If your cough is better, please press 1. If your cough is worse, please press 2. If your cough is the same, please press 3.

    • Has the appearance of what you are coughing up changed? If it is the same, please press 1. If you are coughing up a larger amount, please press 2. If the color is different please press 3. 

How can I change my communication preference?

You can change your communication preference (like frequency, timing, or calls versus texts) by contacting the Care Management Team. Should you no longer wish to receive messages, you can text "Stop" at any time on your mobile phone or press " * " (star) on the keypad on your landline phone.


How does COPD Care Management monitor my condition?

COPD Care Management uses your responses to automated messages to identify signs and symptoms of dyspnea, increased coughing, and sputum change. The intervention monitors long-term health to provide you with an objective way of tracking your progress and allows your care manager to offer resources based on the type of care appropriate for your level of need. 

Based on your response, WEA Trust will trigger alerts to your Care Manager and the WEA Trust Care Management team if you report that your breathing is worse than usual. In a past study, COPD Care Management helped prevent 1 hospitalization for every 9 patients. 

Your self-reported updates also help assist the Care Management Team providing additional information on your type of condition, your treatment options, additional tools and resources and more.

What level of engagement is required?

Engagement is simple and convenient. You can opt to receive questions from a landline or mobile phone, meaning you may receive an automated call or text message of the question. You can also schedule when you’d like to receive the communication, even if that’s after your day is ending. Engagement is important in driving successful outcomes. 


What are other members that are using COPD Care Management saying?

  • "I love feeling like my physician knows how I'm doing with my breathing at all times. It makes me feel more safe and secure."

  • "When I started breathing really poorly, I told the system that I was breathing "worse" than previous days. My doctor called me soon after and helped me get more medication delivered to my home so I didn't have to go to the hospital."