Depression Remote Health Monitoring 

Through WEA Trust Care Management

You Are Not Alone

In 2017, one in five adults reported mental illness but 57 percent did not receive treatment1. One of the reasons why is due to the stigma associated with seeking help. Depression Care Management was created to lessen that fear and make it easier to receive help.

Depression Care Management provides a judgement-free way of tracking your signs and symptoms, designed to ensure the highest level of care. Our program combines the ease of automated mobile messages with a team of accessible and supportive Care Management clinicians to track and support your journey to improved mental health. 


Dedicated Care and Support

Our Care Management Team is available throughout your journey for support and outreach. Your team includes clinicians and Care Managers who are trained to learn and understand you, not just treat you like another case. Your dedicated Care Management Team provides outreach when you show worsening or emergent signs and symptoms. The team is your judgement-free support system that is able to assist in managing your condition, helping you find a provider, preparing for medical visits and more. 


Contact Us

When enrolled in Remote Health Monitoring, a Care Manager will receive notifications to reach out should your signs or symptoms trigger an alert. To sign up for Remote Health Monitoring, click the link below.

Click Here to Sign up for Remote Health Monitoring


Program Details

How often will I receive communication?

You will receive communication from the Care Management team based on your preferred method and time of delivery. Members can receive messages twice a week or weekly. Per your needs and progress, communication frequency can be adjusted.

Below are some sample messages:

  • What is your mood now? Please respond on a scale from 0 (very sad) to 10 (very happy).

  • How often have you felt depressed, down, or hopeless? Reply 0: if not at all, 1: sometimes, 2: often, 3: nearly every day.

How can I change my communication preference?

You can change your communication preference (like frequency, timing, or calls versus texts) by contacting the Care Management team. Should you no longer wish to receive messages, you can text "Stop" at any time on your mobile phone or press " * " (star) on the keypad on your landline phone.


What level of engagement is required?

Engagement is simple and convenient. You can opt to receive questions from a landline or mobile phone, meaning you may receive an automated call or text message of the question. You can also schedule when you’d like to receive the communication, even if that’s after your day is ending. 

Engagement is important in driving successful outcomes. A previous study found a 28% decrease in overall PHQ-9 scores. It also found 63% of patients lowered their PHQ-9 scores.