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Verona FAQ

Verona FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

You can click on the categories below to view answers to some of the common questions we have encountered while welcoming Dane County. You can also check out the original FAQ that we handed out at the informational meetings.

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Who is WEA Trust?

The WEA Trust is an independent, not-for-profit insurance company. Since 1970, we’ve provided quality insurance to exceptional public workers in Wisconsin. We started off serving school districts, but today we serve all public employees. In fact, we’ve grown to become the third-largest insurer in the Wisconsin State Health Plan and are available in 62 counties. We also insure hundreds of school districts and other municipalities throughout Wisconsin.

How do I get another ID card for my son/daughter who is away at college?

You can order additional or replacement cards at


Are contraceptives available at $0 copay?

All generic and Tier 2 contraceptives are covered at $0 copay. Tier 3 contraceptives are covered at ¬¬50% copayment, with a minimum copayment of $75 and a maximum payment of $150.

Q:Provider Network

Are Group Health Cooperative physicians covered?

No, GHC is not in our Network. However, if you choose to see a GHC doctor you will still be reimbursed at a non-Network benefit level. Visit and click on “Plan Details” for more information on reimbursement.

Can I change providers at any time?

Yes, you can change providers at any time, but you will minimize out-of-pocket costs by seeing Network providers. You can search for Network providers at

Is Utschig Chiropractic in your Network?

Yes. To better serve Verona Area School District, the WEA Trust contracted with Utschig Chiropractic so they will be available to Verona School District employees at an in-network benefit level. However, since Utschig Chiropractic is not available to our other plan members they will not appear in our “Find a Doctor” search tool.

Q:Benefits / Coverage

Is my benefit period based on the plan year or calendar year?

Your benefits (deductible, maximum-out of pocket, etc.) renew on July 1. Your Wellness Reward renews on January 1.

When are retired employees no longer able to stay on the plan?

Retired employees are no longer covered once they are eligible for Medicare.

I am a retiree who’s directly billed for the health insurance premium each month. Who should I pay the premium to?

You will pay the Trust directly. You will receive an invoice from us before the 10th of each month for the next month’s coverage. We will notify MidAmerica that payment was received so they can then reimburse you.

Who is my primary insurer if I am on Medicare because of a disability?

If you are eligible for Medicare because of a disability, please call us at 800.279.4000 and ask to speak to an Eligibility Representative. We can then offer you specific guidance based on your situation.


How does preauthorization work?

The Trust lists services requiring preauthorization on our website at The member or their provider notifies us of their intent to seek services that require preauthorization. The provider of the services is contacted by WEA to obtain necessary clinical/medical/code information to determine medical necessity/appropriateness and then approves/deny service. Provider is notified of outcome. Provider and member are notified of denials.

What happens if I don't get my services preauthorized before I receive them?

If a member fails to get preauthorization for those services that require it, we may deny the claim. If asked, we may review the claim and if we determine that we will cover it, a penalty of 50% up to $500 will apply.

What should I do if I was approved for therapy by Physicians Plus and plan to continue that therapy after switching to WEA Trust?

Please show your provider your Trust ID card when receiving services starting November 1. Your provider will call us to obtain authorization for any ongoing services.

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